NOTICE for a scholarship concerning the creation of a Bibliography of the Italian Chamber Cantata within the project Clori. Archivio della Cantata Italiana


The Italian Society of Musicology (SIdM) in collaboration with the Centro Studi sulla Cantata Italiana of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (CSCI) advertises, for the year  2021, the competition for a scholarship of € 1000,00  for the implementation of a "Bibliography on the Italian Cantata" within the project Clori. Archivio della Cantata Italiana ( ).

The current bibliography within Clori contains about 400 titles: the winner is required to complete the bibliography, standardize it according to given criteria and create search terms for easy access.

The work can be accomplished in smart working, and must be completed within 3 months from the assignation of the grant.

1. Requirements  for the participation in the call

Participation in the call is reserved for SIdM members (the membership must be active at the time of the application) who have obtained a specialist/master's degree or a Ph.D. in musicological disciplines at any Italian or foreign university or a second level academic diploma in musicological disciplines at any music conservatory or equivalent foreign institution.

The required degree must have been obtained no earlier than the academic year 2016-17.

2. Procedures and terms for submitting the application form

The applications must be submitted within the peremptory deadline of June 30, 2021 to the following addresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The application, on plain paper and drawn up according to the attached model (Annex 1), must contain the following information:

  • name and surname;
  • personal data;
  • thesis title;
  • date and place of discussion;
  • e-mail address (which will be used exclusively for any communication relating to this announcement) and telephone number.

Under penalty of exclusion, the following documentation must also be attached to the application:

  • self-certification of the qualification;
  • curriculum vitae et studiorum;
  • digital copy of the degree or doctoral thesis;
  • a copy of any publications relating to the Italian chamber cantata or to topics relating to Baroque music;
  • annex 2;
  • any other document that the candidate deems useful to present;
  • copy of a valid identity document.

3. Scholarship award procedure

The scholarship will be awarded through the unquestionable judgment of a Commission appointed jointly between the members of the SIdM board and the scientific committee of the Centro Studi sulla Cantata Italiana, on the basis of the curriculum and the scientific papers that the candidates will attach to their application.

The outcome of the competition will be announced  on the SIdM website within August 31, 2021. The amount of the scholarship will be paid to the winner in two equivalent tranches: the first halfway through the work, the second when the work is completed, provided that the winner has delivered the results within the deadline set by the announcement.

4. Treatment of personal data

The processing of personal data collected for the purposes identified in this announcement will be treated in compliance with the provisions of the EU Regulation 27 April 2016, n. 679 (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR).

This competition notice is available on the SIdM website at


Notice and Annexes (.zip folder)