Fonti Musicali Italiane

Fonti Musicali Italiane (“Italian Musical Sources”, FMI) is a yearly journal, born in 1996 out of the earlier Le fonti musicali in Italia. Studi e ricerche (1987-1993). It hosts essays on any sort of source relevant to the history of Italian music and music in Italy (handwritten and printed musical sources, poetry for music, archival documents, periodicals, musical instruments, etc.). Each volume has a bibliography listing books, essays from magazines and anthologies, and musical editions pertaining to Italian music sources and issued the year before. FMI has a committee and an outside team of consultants.

FMI is a peer-reviewed journal, essay choice and publication going through double-blind review. It is issued both on paper and online.


Editorial Director: Bianca Maria Antolini

Scientific Committee: Carmela Bongiovanni (Conservatorio di Genova), Annarita Colturato (Università di Torino), Francesco Paolo Russo (Conservatorio di Latina), Licia Sirch (Conservatorio di Milano), Nicola Tangari (Università di Cassino)

Consultants/Advisors: Luca Aversano (Università Roma 3), Annalisa Bini (Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia), Dinko Fabris (Conservatorio di Napoli), Teresa M. Gialdroni (Università di Roma Tor Vergata), Roberto Giuliani (Conservatorio di Roma), Margaret Murata (University of California-Santa Barbara), Francesco Passadore (Conservatorio di Vicenza), Rudolf Rasch (Università di Utrecht), Agostino Ziino (Università di Roma Tor Vergata)


Texts in their final version must be e-mailed to the Editor ( Authors are expected to follow the editorial rules of the journal.


Since 2012 FMI has also been accessible online by members keeping up with fees. It allows, among other things, to view, download, and full-text search essays, papers, and all other sections, including abstracts in English.


  ONLINE ACCESS (with Summaries and Abstracts)