Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770). European Paths, Networks, Legacy

12-14 December 2023 – Department of Arts and Musicology, University of Graz


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In recent years an increasingly large group of international scholars has focused its work on the multifaceted figure of Giuseppe Tartini - composer, musician, theorist - and his impact on European culture in the eighteenth century. This conference, which will be attended by leading musicologists and musicians from Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia, Portugal and Switzerland, will further expand on pre-existing scholarship investigating historiographical, philological, editorial and performative aspects. The symposium will foster a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of transmission surrounding compositional and performance practices in the Age of Enlightenment. Furthermore it expects to shed light on the transnational networks between Tartini, his pupils and their patrons, in the context of the most important European courts and chapels of the time. Space will also be ensured for discussion on the digital dissemination of Tartini’s heritage. The conference papers will additionally cover topics such as:

  • updating on scientific criteria in the creation of national editions and catalogues
  • problems arising from false attribution of manuscripts
  • cultural implications of Tartini’s music-theoretical and philosophical thought in a European context
  • female pupils/composers and their role in the performance and transmission of the repertoire
  • legacy and fortune of Tartini’s work through his pupils
  • current problems in disseminating new discoveries about Tartini

During the event, in the foyer of the Meerscheinschlössl, it will be possible to visit the exhibition "Maestro of the Nations.  The Shared European Cultural Heritage of Giuseppe Tartini".


Conference committee

Sergio Durante (University of Padua)

Pierpaolo Polzonetti (University of California, Davis)

Cristina Scuderi (University of Graz)


Contact and information

PD Dr. Cristina Scuderi, Department of Arts and Musicology
Mozartgasse 3, 8010 Graz, Austria